SWF Player Bulletin 2020

To All Players Registered for the SWF DG Championships, please find below detailed information about the event and especially all the changes we have made from normal event procedures. You are being asked to sign the Player Waiver, Plan Ahead for all eventualities, bring all your own equipment and implements with you and keep to all advice and instructions.

By doing this we can have a safe event and still have a fun time. SO, PLEASE READ ALL THE INFORMATION BELOW.

If you have any questions please get in touch by email. Thanks very much and look forward to hosting you here at South Worden.

Player Waiver
Government guidelines currently in place in England for participation in sporting events.

Please make sure you have gone to www.gov.uk and read all relevant C-19 guidelines for the public as well as those specifically for sport. This should include, but is not limited to, travel, accommodation and staying away from home, visiting bars, restaurants and other public places such as shops, wearing of masks, social distancing outside and inside and what you should do if you think you are ill.

Sport related advice and guidelines can also be found on the same site but specifically at:


PDGA and BDGA Event Requirements and Instructions for TD and for players.

We shall be following these guidelines as closely as possible. They apply to both practice rounds and competition rounds as well as to the whole event.

  1. PDGA-Sanctioned Event Requirements
  • All TD’s, staff, players and spectators,(event participants) must follow all government guidelines for the event’s location concerning conducting organised sporting events, including following any requirements for physical distancing upon arrival at the event and at all times prior to, during, and after their rounds at the event and in all event locations. At this time that ruling is 1metre + - an arms length + at least.
  • Event directors and participants must still follow all normal PDGA rules concerning competition, such as properly holing out and keeping to time.
  • Anyone who has COVID-19, is exhibiting common symptoms of COVID-19, is ill, or is in direct contact with someone with COVID-19, must not participate and may be asked to leave the event.
  • Event directors and participants who wilfully and repeatedly violate government guidelines may be subject to PDGA disciplinary action up to and including penalties for a Class A offense.
  1. PDGA-Sanctioned Event Best Practices

The below items are best practices for event directors and participants of a sanctioned event that may be used to further enhance government and public health agency COVID-19 safety requirements and guidelines.

2.1 Event Management Best Practices

  • The event director has ensured that all participants at the event are aware of all current requirements of the government, as well as these PDGA Best Practices.
  • The event director has checked with their local government concerning the number of allowed participants at an event .

2.2 Event Operational Best Practices

  • Event will avoid close physical group settings such as player meetings, award ceremonies, vending, or any other ancillary activity that brings a larger group of 30 or more participants together.
  • For communication needs with participants, event directors will provide all information electronically wherever possible to avoid the need for larger gatherings of more than 30 people.
  • Where possible, event registration should be done electronically without walk-up registrations.
  • Event directors will implement organisational measures for the event to prepare for cancellation, postponement, rearrangement, or refunding of the event, to include limiting expenditures on merchandise by utilising electronic voucher systems for trophies, player packs, and amateur merchandise payouts. All prizes and player packs will be in the form of vouchers from Disc Zoo.
  • Events should avoid designating a “Tournament Central” where players might congregate. Instead, there should be a segregated staff area where only staff are allowed. There will also be three other large areas - two barns and a large open sided marquee - where players may shelter and meet in socially distancing groups . as well as three distinct camping areas. Food and drink will be available for those that have registered for it and this will be provided in the large marquee.
  • Player check-in locations will be available with metering of players to provide physical distancing.
  • There will be golf starts so practice putting and warm-up areas will be holes 1 and 2 for groups immediately on tee next and after the holes are cleared by preceding groups.,
  • Golf start will be used and tee times published in advance. There will be groups of four and groups for Saturday am and pm rounds will be the same.
  1. Scoreboards with player round cards will not be used. Event scoring and player tee times or hole assignments will be handled electronically through the PDGA Tournament Manager or UDisc or other digital scoring system. .
  2. For tee time rounds, the interval between playing groups will be the time it takes for one group to clear Holes 1 and 2 or 15 minutes - whichever is the longer.
  3. Players may arrive at any time from Friday 12.00 for practice or to set up camp as long as you are patient and able to keep social distancing rules.
  • Where possible we will provide hand wash/sanitation stations around Registration, food and admin areas
  • We will follow government guidance on providing food services.
  • Please bring your own drinks and water. Drinking water will also be available in bottles for individual use. Please do not share bottles and recycle to the bins provided.
  • We will be issuing electronically distributed certificates instead of physical trophies as well as vouchers from Disczoo..
  • We will be using electronically distributed online vouchers instead of physical player packs.
  • If it is necessary for you to have physical items passed from person to person, consider how to do so as safely as possible, such as wearing gloves or utilizing regular hand washing or sanitation.

2.3 Staff and Participant Best Practices

  • Anyone who is in a high-risk category as noted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, or similar country-specific agencies should not participate.
  • Participants should not touch discs, bags, carts, or any other property belonging to another participant.
  • Unless you have booked and paid for food on-site Players should bring and control their own food and drink for the entire day. Players should carry as much water on the round as they can reasonably manage.
  • If using a digital scorecard, the players in a group may agree on a single player to keep score electronically, all players may enter scores or the digital scorecard can be virtually handed off to another player when it is their turn so they can use their own device whenever possible. Mobile devices should not be shared among players.
Equipment Best Practices 
  • Players should consider uniquely marking their discs on both the top and the bottom of the discs, thereby helping to identify the owner of a disc without the need for someone to touch it to flip it over.
  • Players should clear their disc from a target before another player putts out. A player should not putt into a target that already has another disc within it.
  • Players should carefully remove their disc from a target and avoid touching any surface of the target while doing so.
  • Once a disc has contacted a target, players should consider sanitising their disc prior to subsequent use or placing it into their bag. The process of sanitising equipment by a player must be done in a timely manner and not violate normal Excessive Time requirements found in 802.03 of the Official Rules of Disc Golf.
South Worden Farm Guidelines and Instructions
COVID-19 guidelines

In all areas of the farm we will be keeping to C-19 guidelines and ask participants to be responsible for their own behaviours and expect others to do the same.

Social distancing
This will be at 1 (one) metre plus in all circumstances. Outside and inside the barns and marquee. Please respect this especially if you have booked breakfast and lunch and the BBQ on Saturday night. There will be lots of space and time for everyone to be fed and to socialise.

Masks are not compulsory due to the ample spaces provided and the other measures we have put in place. However, we encourage you to wear masks as and when you feel it appropriate to do so.

Protection and medication
Please bring insect repellent and suncream as well as basic first aid. Don’t forget your inhalers if you are asthmatic or have allergies. High Pollen count possible.

Please enter the farm through the double green gates. Do not use the main residential farm entrance. SWF is open from 12.00 on Friday if you plan on a practice round or are camping on site. Please keep to all guidelines as above.


Please Register on arrival and before you start your practice round or set up camp. Players will be given further instructions, have their waiver form checked, and informed of any further information including camping instructions.

Players not arriving on Friday are requested to register by phone - either text or Messenger - by 18.00 Friday evening. You will then be able to pick up your further information on arrival on Saturday.

Please only park in designated places. Some spaces are reserved for those who have booked camper vans and others for Blue Badge holders. Please read all signs and follow directions.


Camping will either be at SWF or at Jenns Cross - which is half a mile away. Jenn’s Cross has toilets and water for showers (thgere is actually a bath!). There is also an extra £5 charge for Jenn’s Cross as we are full at SWF. You will be contacted directly if you are allocated to Jenn’s.

Food and drink
If you have booked food - Breakfast, Lunch or BBQ - it will be served from the main marquee. Breakfast and Lunch will be mainly prepared in advance and easily accessible as long as you keep social distancing. BBQ on Saturday eve is self-cook with meat and vegetarian options as well as salads.

There will be a mealtime timetable based on your starting and finishing times on Saturday and Sunday for all meals. Please keep to these as closely as possible and keep an eye  open for flexible arrangements.

Coffee and Tea will be available in tea bag and coffee bag form - with sugar lumps for those that need it.

There will be no alcohol on sale at this event. You will need to bring your own if you wish to drink. There are two shops and a pub in the village and supermarkets (Waitrose and Co-op) in Holsworthy.

Toilets and showers
Portable Event Toilets are available at SWF as well as cold showers direct from the mains. Please ensure you clean all areas as much as possible after use, especially handles. Wipes and sanitiser will be available but please bring your own as well.

Fresh water is available from taps on the outside of both barns. Please wipe taps with sanitiser after use. Thank you.



We will not be providing any kitchen or dining utensils. Please bring your own plates, bowls, cups, mugs, glasses, knives, forks, spoons, chairs and any other things you might need.


Participants can only smoke in designated camping areas. We are a working farm and smoking presents a fire hazard both in and outside. Please make sure all smoking material is put out thoroughly when finished and debris cleared away.

The only open fire will be in Star Field Camp Site - also home to Holes 1 and 2. If you are camping and cooking please bring camping gas stoves (other brands are available).

Recycling and litter
Please recycle all materials possible - Paper, cardboard, plastic, tin and glass. There will be bins available. All other waste can be put into black plastic bins by the main marquee.

The Course

Conservation and Preservation

SWF is a conservation area. Please do not hack or trample down hedgerows, brambles or woodland. The long grassland from Holes 9-14 is Culm; a precious source of home to the Marsh Fritillary Butterfly. We ask you to take care should your disc land in these areas - it is not necessary to flatten these areas to find your discs - good spotting and careful looking is the key. Thank You.

Communication links:

https://app.disczoo.com/swf   - for course maps and holes; please download

events.disczoo.com - for invitation and registration information

www.southwordenfarm.co.uk - for our farm page

https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/44668 - for PDGA unofficial results page

udisc.com  - for your own scoring pleasure

Please close all gates unless they are tied back. If someone has left a gate open by mistake please close it. It’s better when the animals are where they should be. Thanks

If you land inbounds but in a hedge you get relief. Please do not throw from within the hedge boundary. If you land inbounds (or out of bounds) within (or over) 2 metres of a barbed wire fence you can take  2 metres relief.

Fences and Stock wire
Please do not stand on any wire. There is always a simple way into enclosures that allows us to keep the fence intact.

Players can practice from 12.00 on Friday 14th August. Please play in groups of at least three so you can both spot for each other and to get as many groups on the course as possible.

Trip Hazards
This is a working farm and there are many potential trip hazards for the unwary golfer. Please watch out for holes in the ground and potential old roots from brambles as well as stream banks and bridges.

Tee times and groups
Will be published as soon after Registration closes on August 10 as is practical.

Specific advice and guidance on all holes.


General: Read the Notes at each tee to determine OB Rules and Guidance.

Holes 8-13 OB is determined by wooden stakes. Take the inside line of the stakes as OB Line. For all other holes the OB is determined by stock fencing or rope (the lake).

Spotters: There are orange plastic stakes available on holes requiring spotters to mark position of discs.

Water - all water except the lake is casual. Play from where disc lands or take relief.

Hole 1 - A Hazard; you must make the ‘teardrop’. If not take a penalty and throw from where you land; unless you are OB when normal OB rules apply.

Hole 2 - Spotter required by gate

Hole 3 - Mando; Spotter required half way down fairway

Hole 4 - OB over fence to left of fairway; Lost Disc. Do NOT attempt to get this back, it is dangerous and you will be trespassing. We will retrieve for you at the end of each day.

Hole 5 - Mando; Keep an eye open for players on Tee of 6

Hole 6 - Keep an eye open for players on Tee of 7

Hole 7 - Mando; Keep an eye open for players on Tee of 6 and fairway of 3

Hole 8 - Spotter needed by gate. If OB left, over or on top of the bank, do not climb down to the stream and over bank but walk down through gate and back up the Green Lane. If your disc goes into bank at bottom of field by steam and is inbounds - take relief.

Hole 9 - Spotter needed by stream.

Hole 10 - Mando; Spotter needed by Culm Grass

Hole 11 - A Hazard hole; Spotters needed half way down fairway and by green. Same rules as Hole 1.

Hole 12 - Spotter needed by green

Hole 13 - Spotter needed at ‘dog-leg bend’.

Hole 14 - Spotter needed - just wide of tee is good enough; watch out for Wildlife Pond OB near hole

Hole 15 - Spotter needed at gate; or someone really tall!

Hole 16 - Don’t drive into the Lake

Hole 17 - This year the lake will be full. There will be a rope marking OB.

Hole 18 - Spotter needed if players are going long! Remember - Relief from hedges if you are inbounds or OB.

All prizes will come in the form of Vouchers from DiscZoo.

Please do not feed any of our animals under any circumstances - including the dogs and cats. You may come across them and nearly all are open for a stroke but please be wary of the goats and Alan Ram!! Personally I wouldn’t want to be too friendly with the geese either…..

We are both a working farm and a holiday destination for guests in our holiday lets. Please respect their and our privacy by not going into the areas marker ‘Private’. If you need any help or assistance please contact me directly via text or Messenger or in case of an emergency -  by mobile.

I know this is a lot to take in, but we are the first sanctioned event after Lockdown and we want to provide a template and a great example to the events that follow. We want you to feel safe and secure but still be able to compete and enjoy yourselves. And we hope you do!

Charlie Mead

Checklist of things to do, to bring and to know!

07802-321710 - Mobile number for emergencies while you are at SWF.




  • Your own antiseptic/antibacterial wipes for discs
  • Hand sanitiser - at least 70% alcohol - for yourself
  • Masks
  • Hats
  • Water Bottles and carriers
  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Cups
  • Mugs
  • Knives
  • Forks
  • Spoons
  • Camping Gear
  • Chairs
  • Torch
  • Wellies for wet mornings
  • Medical Kit
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun Cream
  • Read and know the Rules of Disc Golf
  • Ask any questions about the course before you arrive. - we will do a Q&A after August 10.
  • Log onto app and event site for maps and hole signs @ disczoo
  • Register on UDisc

Sign and send the WAIVER

Read this bulletin again!!  Don’t Forget your DG Bag and Discs!!!